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My last notes on my blog

[09-12-14] Back to Basics

Hairy pussy

A hot spider waiting 4 y snake

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[09-04-14] ON LINE AGAIN

Again 4 y
sorry . i had a trouble connecting site

now its ok !

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[09-01-14] News

Restrictions --------------------------------

Real Dating site is the only virtual
Bestiality site does not allow
Scat not excite me
Sado candles, injections, rope, chains don´t like

Thanks for your understanding

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More about me...

Free and independent spirit: I consider myself a warrior, active, daring, funny, cutting edge, dynamic and imaginative ... A different root canal with imagination, madness, designed for your total satisfaction. Multifaceted personality energizing performances, uniforms, large clothing, gadgets and surprises, rotating photo galleries and video. Xxx videos downloads videoshop, and private One2One to talk alone with me, for people of taste fine and rare, and open minds. Physically I am: slender, athletic, brunette, long hair, sexy, sexy voice, leering and very morbid and perverse mind (ideal for dirty talk), professional, educated, have traveled a lot. Elegant style, very discreet, I provide quality, respect and care for each customer. My mission: to make you happy. Shown face Erotika images may be subject to intellectual property rights.

What I like

Be free, sex, show me off, fetish, uniforms, talking dirty in bed, role play, dress code, sexual provocation, promiscuous (if not boring k), filters, morbidity, vice progress. I flips, especially house music, addicted to daily exercise, cybersex, dance, travel, moon, forest, wind changes, film, art, love animals, photography makes me crazy, my painter Favourite: Francis Bacon, Picasso, Lichtenstein, Pollock, Dali. The Japanese, Pakistani and Indian, good red wine, coffee in the morning. Who want to know: Mr. Carlos Slim. My Heroes: The Octopus Paul.

I don't like

Poor education, animal cruelty, violence and machismo, greedy people, the bitter @ s, careless and conceited men, not having defined a style and taste, vulgar behavior in the wrong place, lying, practices extreme bad taste to make me feel uncomfortable or that are dangerous, lovers in a hurry and no money in the wallet, copies of hatred, there is like having your own style.

My hours and schedule

I'm Valerie Stern, cool me and show me off to see me, fetish pure pleasure! I transmit from my modern apartment with the best image quality and view without interruption. Connect daily afternoons, evenings and early mornings ...

Last connection

11-22-14, 02:01

Spoken languages

Spanish Spanish , English English



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